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FORMATION – Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) :
«Transitions and innovations in European territories:
environment and post-anthropocene landscapes» 
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SUMMER WORKSHOP “Solidarity: a european challenge?”
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The European College of Cluny is a training facility for students, locally elected officials and territorial authorities from all over Europe. It is an action/research center in terms of territorial innovation at national and European levels.

The training is characterized by a cooperative approach. It is based on current major issues, such as the digital revolution, new technologies, climate change, exclusion, sustainable development for agriculture and infrastructure.


Driving the transition to the world after

From the global scale to the local scale, the signs are accumulating of the inability of organizations to anticipate and react to societal crises: climate change, collapse of biodiversity, wars, dependence on fossil fuels, pandemics, social and digital exclusion, forced migrations, fragility of vital networks, misinformation.

Faced with these challenges of the Anthropocene and the imperative need to profoundly modify collective organization, lifestyles and economic models, higher education in Europe has not until now offered any transversal training. No preparation for the particular responsibilities required for the transformation of public institutions, companies, non-governmental organizations was available.

Faced with this lack, the European College of Cluny has decided to join forces with European partners to launch training geared both towards innovative action and research.

The modules of this one-of-a-kind training can be taken either as continuing education, seminar by seminar, or as a complete course giving the right to the title of “Member of the European College of Cluny”.

This prestigious title guarantees both:
– recognition of the knowledge and skills needed to lead the transition (“Master of advanced studies” level)
– the keys to lifelong participation in the only European network of peers, specifically invested in building the world after.

Join Cluny!

 Jean-Luc DELPEUCH, course manager