• Hold a Master’s degree without age limit;
    • Elected representatives and officials from local and regional authorities, States or the European Union, professionals working in contact with local and regional authorities or wishing to move towards this type of career ;
    • Social economy actors and non-governmental organisations, executives from the private sector, in particular companies likely to interact with local authorities wishing to acquire or develop their skills in innovative management of territories from a European perspective

be fluent in French or English (C1 level), and able to understand the other language (B1 level). As the programme will involve local actors, it is important that the auditors are able to communicate with French speakers. A course in French as a foreign language and an introduction to French culture will be offered at the beginning of the programme to enable students to improve their command of the French language.

Recruitment will be designed to build a diverse class, both in terms of the profiles and nationalities of our auditors.

  • Limited to 15 students.


Admission to the Master is subject to a positive opinion based on candidate’s titles and on a motivational interview held in English or French (language to be chosen by the candidate).

Deadline for submission of applications:
• 30th June 2023 for a jury reply on 17th July, 2023
• 15th August 2023 for a jury reply on 30th August 2023