Several types of profiles may fall within the scope of European College recruitment:

  • Students already holding a Master’s degree
  • Elected representatives and officials from local and regional authorities, States or the European Union, professionals working in contact with local and regional authorities or wishing to move towards this type of career
  • Social economy actors and non-governmental organisations, executives from the private sector, in particular companies likely to interact with local authorities wishing to acquire or develop their skills in innovative management of territories from a European perspective, either in initial training (Master) or continuing education.

Recruitment must meet several criteria:

  • Diversity (of profiles, nationalities, etc.), seeking representation from as many EU Member States as possible, as well as the presence of a few students from non-EU countries, in particular from candidate countries or countries covered by the EU’s neighbourhood policy, academic excellence of the candidates, their dynamism, motivation,…
  • be able to work (at least) in English and French, the two working languages of the European College of Cluny (at least one of the two languages must be mastered at level C1, the other at least at level B1-B2).

Candidate capacity:

  • at the start: 30-40 students, cruising speed: 80-100 students (in initial education)