Initial education at the European College of Cluny is intended for students who already have a Master’s degree, or equivalent, for further vocational training. These two semesters, close to realities on the ground, are an essential asset when looking for a first job. The diversity of national origins and initial curricula ensures that each graduate is part of a strong and high-potential professional network.

First semester

Semi-annual fundamental block:

  • Local and regional authorities in Europe: history, current models and innovation
  • Europeans and the major challenges of the 21st century and the need for innovation

Six thematic seminars:

  • Sustainable management of common assets
  • Infrastructure and land use planning
  • Economic development
  • Services for residents
  • Local democracy and good governance
  • Territorial public management

Practical modules & soft skills:

  • Collective project
  • Soft skills
  • English/French development

Second semester

  • Internship: 4 months minimum between July and December, with a partner community
  • Restitution seminar, presentation of the professional thesis in January